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This website is fantastic for improving vocabulary. All you have to do is sign up and start the test. It starts off easy and gets more complex. The great thing about this website is that it repeats words you get wrong, provides great definitions and example sentences and awards points for every stage you complete. Great for those extra minutes at the end of each class and students can use it at home.

XTM International – Powerful translation software

XTM International.

I have just discovered a great website with great products for translators and agencies that are eager to venture into new, more affordable options. I could get myself to pay a small fortune for CAT tools like Trados, and am probably one of the only translators left that still uses good old dictionaries, glossaries and microsoft office programmes to translate. Well, XTM international has convinced me otherwise.

They also offer two great training webinars that you can download or watch on a scheduled date. Their XTM cloud is an affordable way to use CAT tools without overloading your budget.



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Free dictionary tools

Below, a list of great free dictionary tools from various providers/websites. I personally use them all.

CleverKeys – In my opinion, one of the best. This clever tool allows you to look up words on and in a click. English Only

Dictionary Toolbar – Browse and search instantly from your browser. Although it has a translate key, the translations are limited.

Dictionarist – Install this little tool, select the dictionaries you want in different languages and get English definitions and translation with CTRL + right click. This tool can be used offline. Available in  a wide range of languages.

The Free Dictionary Apps – Desktop assistant, similar to CleverKeys with added pronunciation and extra details on each word.

Right Click Browser Add-On – Similar to the browser dictionary above, with pronunciation and extra details on each word (synonyms, etc.)