For Translators

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Below, a list of resources for translator including dictionaries, glossaries, etc. We have moved the links from the side bar and put them all here for easy finding. All of these resources are highly recommended.

English dictionaries (all fields except technical, see glossaries)

Business Dictionary

Petroleum Dictionary

Financial Times Lexicon

HR Dictionary

Investor Words (investment terms)

MacMillan Dictionary (very useful, with collocations)

Merriam Webster Open Dictionary

Merriam Webster´s Learner Dictionary

MSN Encarta

Proberto Encyclopaedia

Visual Thesaurus

Your Dictionary (a personal favourite, also has an iPhone app)

Thesaurus (very good, includes spell check)

Multi-language Dictionaries

Babla – dictionary with words in context



IATE – Terminology Database (all fields)

My Memory Translated (powered by Google)

OneLook (searches words in all languages in a wide range of dictionaries)

PONS – The Language Portal (excellent dictionary, with words in context and options) Term Search (mostly technical words, phrases and sentences, in context)


Websters Online Dictionary (a great dictionary with options, similar words, detailed explanations)

Wordreference (this website has a great forum where you can ask questions if you don´t find the word/phrase you need) (words and phrases in a wide range of languages)

My (very good dictionary in most languages)

English <> Portuguese Dictionaries and Glossaries

Glossary of Technical Terms

Insurance Glossary

Portuguese English Dictionary

Portuguese English Business Dictionary

Steel Industry Glossary

Work Safety Glossary

English <> Spanish Dictionaries and Glossaries

Accounting Dictionary

Aviation Dictionary

Legal Dictionary

Financial and Accounting Glossaries

Spanish and English Dictionaries and Glossaries

Word Magic – Spanish <> English

Glossaries (English only)

Automotive glossary

Automotive glossary (2)

Design Glossary

Dye Glossary (pdf)

Maritime Glossary

Navigational Marine Vocabulary

Pipeline Glossary

Port and Shipping Terms

TechTerms Computer and Technology Glossary – essential if you are translating in this field.

Antonyms, Synonyms, Acronyms (abbreviations), etc.


Thesaurus (the best synonym dictionary out there)


American and British spelling differences

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